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Another disapointment

I just had two games released from their contracts because the publisher has changed their focus and is not going to make games. Not the first time I have gotten close to have it fall through and probably not the last.

Anyone know of a publisher of children’s games other than Haba that I might submit them too? One is for 6-8 year olds and the other 10 + speed game and would fit the family market.


There's always GameWright.

There's always GameWright.


Let me understand: you "signed* contracts, and the publisher terminated them? Twice?

I had contacts for two

I had contacts for two different games with a new publishing house in India. After waiting several years with many delays they have chosen to take games off their line up and focus on toys.

Sorry to hear that

Hi Dralius,

That sucks, you must have taken time to find these publishers who in fact are no longer in the *game publishing business*. Several years is a LONG time to wait... Had they stayed in the game publishing business you might have had a great game contact to publish more games with them.

Sorry to hear that.

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