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Another reason to go to Protospiel Madison!

The Game Crafter - Protospiel Madison - Free Components for Designers!

The country’s best game design convention has come to Madison, Wisconsin on October 18-20. Welcome to Protospiel Madison!

Game Designers: Get professional level feedback from other designers. Over 100+ other designers in attendance so you’ll have the opportunity to playtest your designs many times throughout the weekend. You’ll also have access to a TGC Designer Table full of blank components and game pieces!

Gamers: You get to play the latest games and help shape them before they hit the shelves of stores or the pages of Kickstarter.

Protospiel is the place to play your card or board game prototype with other designers, play testers, and publishers. It doesn’t matter what level of polish your game has so bring it, break it, and make it better! :)

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