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Arcana Victoriana: Alpha Playtest

I tried a short and sweet, proof of concept playtest thursday night with Wes. It worked out alright but Wes thought it was a bit too random. It would work better as a "light narrative wargame/role-playing game". Basically, all those hours of work are for not. It's fine though. Live and learn.

I'm going to try another shot at my "old" 3-dice system. Glory now has a new use: Re-rolls. I just thought it up while re-reading all my posts on this game from the beginning. Someone mentioned that the dice would seem "swingy" and indeed they are. I'm thinking the attacker (and only the attacker) may choose to re-roll a single die for a single Glory point. 1 re-roll max per die. GLORY points are now FATE points.

We brainstormed for a bit and all had ideas for what is now a d12 system.
My version operates much like the White Wolf system and Warhammer d6 system... only different. d12s are obviously used. Character's stats will have two numbers now: One for how many dice you roll and the other for your target number for successes. Example, if you have 5 : 7 , you roll 5d12 and succeed on 7+. Defense is an opposing roll using the example above. Each success on attack is 1 damage, each success on defense is -1 damage. If you roll a 1 for either attack or defense, you remove 1 success. If you roll a 12, you gain 1 success. It's basically a critical success and failure. It isn't possible to have negative successes but you CAN have more successes than dice rolled. (7-7-7-12 = 5 successes on 4 dice.)

It's a play on an old favorite. I really hate the success system though. There's no bell curve. It's all just "what percent chance do I have to hit this target number?". With this change into a success system, the use of "Skill Points" (formerly Glory) will now change the target number for successes for either Attack or Defense rolls. Wits will also be changed, though I don't have a solution for it. It was just opposing rolls of your Wits stat + 2d6. My guess is will be just like attack and defense.

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