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Arcana Victoriana Cards

Card Design 1

After a long hiatus, I'm gotten back to working on my game. I got tired of having to use sheets of paper with 8 characters printed out on each. After about 2-3 weeks of discussion of the layout, I banged 2 possible card layouts in 3-5 days totally about 6 hours of actual work time. I can't put both in one blog post so I'll post the First submission here, then another in another blog. I'd like to have some input on whether you'd prefer this card or the second card I've posted.

Here are some of the differences:


I'm thinking of adding a tab above each of the "inverse triangle" of stats to signify the name of the weapon being used. It gives a bit more meaning to the stats and adds some flavor. This will be absent from the second card.

The space on the bottom is for Abilities a character will have. This will also will not be on the second card. There is no room for it. The "Abilities space" on the card will house the abilities and their effects. If I find that all the abilities will not fit, I will just have the names of Abilities and flavor text. How the abilities are used will be printed on the back.

The second card design has the Abilities, functions, and effects, on the back.

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