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Arcana Victoriana: Setup and Scenarios

Been a long time since I posted anything up. I've just been buying, basing, and painting steampunk figures and anything else I could get my hands on to pose as the characters for my miniatures game. You can't really get people into play testing if things aren't painted... Finally got off my ass as this army of one and started making rules changes and scenario play.

Each player will choose 1 model as a Leader and 3 models as Lieutenants. All other models are Grunts. When defeated, Leaders are worth 5 points, Lieutenants are worth 3 points, and Grunts are worth 1 point. The game ends after 8 rounds. The game also ends if one player no longer controls any models. A player may also escape (ending the game) if he controls 2 models or less, those models are in his deployment zone, and the opposing player controls 5 or more models.
1. Fight Then Flight: Both players place a 30mm ladder marker in the center of the board, 16" away from your side of the board. Models must use 1 action to climb the ladder on the opposing player's side. Models doing so are removed from play and score 1 point. The owner of any model which was NOT killed but still on the board at the end of 8 rounds receives -1 point per model.
2. Aether Machines: Before placing terrain, each player measures out 16" from their board edge and 16" out from the board edge on their left. Place a 50mm objective marker so that it would touch the lines created by these measurements. These objectives represent Aether machines which you must protect. Each objective has 10HP, DEF 1, and DEF +1 against ranged attacks. Terrain cannot be placed closer than 2" from these markers. If you destroy the opposing players Aether Machine, you receive 6 points.
3. Bounty: Each player selects a model from the other player's gang. There is now a bounty on that model. When a bounty model is defeated, it is worth additional points toward your total. Grunts are worth 2 addtional points, Lieutenants are worth 4 additional points, and Leaders are worth 6 extra points.
4. Dash for Dosh: Place a 50mm Treasure Marker in the center of the board. Place one 40mm Chest Marker for each player, in the center of the board and 10" away from the left and right board edges. Players select which Chest Marker belongs to who. When a model is base to base with the Treasure Marker, it may use 1 action to pick up a Loot Marker. This model can only move at half its normal speed. Nothing can alter that model's speed. A model can only carry 1 Loot Marker at a time. If a model takes a damage of 1 or more, it drops the Loot Marker in base to base contact with itself in the direction it is facing. When a model carrying a Loot Marker is in base to base contact with its player's Chest Marker, it may use 1 action to remove 1 Loot Marker and it's owner receives 2 points.
5. Treasure Hunt: Place six 30mm Chest Markers on the board and no closer than 8" to each other. Mark them A through F. Use 6 pieces of paper and mark 3 of them with "1", 2 with "3", and 1 with "5". Shuffle these face-down and Mark them A through F. When a model comes into base to base contact with a Chest Marker, can make one of three options: 1) Spend 1 action to carry the Chest Marker. This model moves at half its normal speed and nothing can alter that model's speed. 2) It may make a Wits Check [3] to open the chest. If it is successful, the model is now carrying the Loot inside. A model can only carry 1 Loot token at a time. You may take the paper of the corrosponding lettered chest and look at it. 3) It may make an attack against the Chest. The Chest has 4 HP. The model who drops the target chest's HP to 0 is now carrying the loot of corrosponding lettered chest. Both players can see the contents if a Chest is opened in this way.
6. Assassination: Ignore normal scoring. A player must eliminate the opposing Leader in order to win. If no leader is eliminated at the end of 8 rounds, the winner will be the player who has his Leader farthest up the field from his deployment zone.
7. Capture the Leader: Ignore normal scoring. Use this scoring should there be no winner at the end of 8 rounds: 1 Point is awarded each time you "Down" a leader. 1 Point is awarded each time you Carry a Leader. Winning condition: The player who carries an opposing player's leader into his deployment zone is the winner. Place a "H-shaped terrain piece in the center of the table. Each leader will be placed in the crevices closest to the leader's controller. Play as per normal rules. If a leader's health drop to Zero, that leader now "Downed" but not removed from play. An opposing player may spend 1 action to carry a Downed leader and follows the same Carry rules. If a leader is dropped, he is now Standing and recieves 1 HP. At this time, If this leader has not had it's activation this round, it may make 1 action and cannot activate again this round.

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