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Dragon vs. Knight by Byron Stoddard

Hello everyone,

I am an artist and after viewing many amazing kickstarter board game projects that have been successfully.
I see that doing art for a solid board game would be a good investment of my time.

Any interested game startups hit me up and check out my work at:


Nice portfolio. This MIGHT

Nice portfolio. This MIGHT be a good place to find work.. best of luck!

WOW! Love your style

WOW! Love your style especially that Tie Fighter. Don't have any games at the art stage at the moment, but I have added you to my list of artists that I'm interested in. I would love to hear your rates. PM me if you'd like!

Art work

Hey thank you. I was about to delete my account on here because every time I log in I have to create a new password. Anyway, my rates of very low and negotiable. Do you have anything in mind?

Thank you

How do I go about getting attention with my art on this site.

This Site

You have some great artwork, but unfortunately we don't have an immediate need, but will keep you in mind for future projects.

Regarding this site, basically whenever you create a post or someone comments on one of your posts then you will remain high on the recently active posts on the right column. Otherwise someone would have to look at your blog or search through older posts. I think that there is value for keeping a presence on BGDF for you.

Finally, for free you can post an advertisement of your services on our website on the town crier. We send out monthly highlights of posts in our newsletter and on our blog and social media pages. There is no password and no upkeep if you don't want to update your listing frequently. or pm me for more info. No guarantee it will land a job, but the more exposure for you on various platforms the better chance you get that job.


Austin Rice

Hi Byron, I would suggest

Hi Byron,

I would suggest connecting with The Game Crafter community because we always have people in our community of game designers who are looking for artists. The best place to introduce yourself and meet folks is in our chat channel in the bottom right corner of our website. Just visit and then create an account. Then you can click on the general chat button and talk to other game designers and artists that are in there. We have an online community of over 200,000 game designers and gamers so there are lots of folks making games and needing art. Being connected to our community allows you to get involved in many projects, depending on your time available and your rates. Good luck!

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