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The AV Card Creation Process Continues

Card Design 4a

So I took BubbleChuck's idea and ran with it.

I've HASTILY worked on an unfinished copy in my own stylings. As much as I LOVE his card, I want the gritty, dull, browned colors I've been working with. It doesn't look half as good as his but again, this was hastily put together in the morning with no sleep.

The sword has been replaced with a fist.
The hat is now leaning the same direction as everything else.
I've attempted to rectify the lack of baubles in BubbleChuck's Thermometer by extending it. I think it's rather detracting and if unliked, I will try to make 2 miniature ones side by side OR (just had the thought now) 2 five baubled thermometers... 1 on the top and 1 on the bottom. That way, there's no need for a number value at the bottom. You can just add as many as you need, up to 10. The problem with printing just the baubles you need is that you have to have several files and find the right one. This prototype card was designed to be blank and universal so I can write in character stats and abilities on the fly for playtesting and be able to print a whole mess of them out (like 9 on a page) and cut them out.

Leave comments if you like.

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