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Beetleground - A dexterity "dewling" game (slide dew droplets onto a stump)

Beetleground is a dexterity “dewling” game. Players take turns aiming dew that’s dripping off overhanging leaves at beetles on a stump below. Beetles they knock off the stump are added to their collection. The player that has a better beetle collection and more dew droplets closer to the stump’s center without knocking the ladybug off the stump wins!

  • PnP Game Rules
  • PnP Stump Game Sheet
  • PnP Leaf Game Sheet
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    Game Play

    How you hold the leaf when sliding the dew droplet onto the stump

    More game pics

    I bought a cheap paper mache round box to use for storage and as the elevated stump.


    End of the Game

    White dew lost 12-20. Had they kept a few more dew droplets on the stump and got another small beetle for the majority bonus, the game would've been much closer.

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