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Better Bulk Pricing at The Game Crafter

The Game Crafter - The Leading Print On Demand Game Publisher

Last week we announced bulk order fulfillment, and now we’re making it even better with better bulk pricing.

Due to our always ongoing efforts to improve our processes and technology, we’re able to offer better bulk pricing than we could six months ago when we last announced an improvement in our bulk pricing. We’ve improved our bulk pricing in the following ways:

* Our new best price for games is 45% off. The old best price was 40%. That means a game with a cost of $20 will get an extra $1 off the best bulk price!

* We are now offering our best pricing at only 400 copies. Previously you’d have to order at least 500 copies to get the best price. That also means that from 25 copies and beyond, the entire scale is getting better pricing.

*Several component types are now getting much better bulk pricing. They are: Tarot Decks, Large/Small Square Mats, Quarter/Half/Skinny Mats, and all sizes of Booklets. So if your game includes those types of components, you may be getting a much better bulk discount than you were before.

With these changes in place, every single game in our system now has even better bulk pricing available.

Make your board game, card game, tarot deck, or customized playing cards today at


Very nice! Hopefully I can

Very nice!

Hopefully I can take advantage of this offer sometime in the future.

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