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Better Late Than Never

Last fall my game Poltergeist Paparazzi which I was hoping would come out in Oct got passed up. The publisher cut back on the number of titles it was producing and mine was one that was push way back on the production queue.

After many months of no new news I was sure that they had lost interest. I was pleasantly surprised to find out this week that they are finally moving ahead and were pricing components. This certainly doesn’t mean it’s a done deal. If it turns out to be too expensive to produce then it’s dead. On the other hand all games must pass this test and I'm confident it can be done with quality materials and still have a competitive price point in the Euro market.

Once again I’m looking tentatively forward to October hoping there is time and the interest enough to get it done


Congrats! Well, congrats-ish,

Congrats! Well, congrats-ish, I guess, with things still up in the air, but it's great that they're up in the air again!

Never Quit


I’ve been at this for quite awhile now. I made my first submission in 2004 to HABA and they returned my prototype accompanied by my first rejection letter 3 month later in 2005. I have tried and failed many times with several different games and allot of publishers. Each time i learn a little more. I have learned that having a game turned down doesn’t mean it’s a bad design and that you must keep trying. The game HABA turn down has been accepted by another publisher, it just took 4 years to find the right fit.

Never, ever quit!

I agree with Dralius. On that note: I have proposals in various stages for 20+ different games (several of which have been rejected more than once) out with 10 different publishers right now. Just keep searching, honing, and pitching. Eventually, you'll land a hit!

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