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BGDL 14 - JT Smith: How to Create a Great Cooperative Game

JT Smith, designer of The Captain Is Dead, talks about how to design a great cooperative game.

We talk creating tension, alpha players, the math behind a good AI system, and more. Personally, I think The Captain Is Dead is one of the best co-op games on the market today, and it was great to get JT's insight on its creation.

Check out the episode here:



Super interesting discussion, great questions!

And thanks for mentioning the game crafter, I had not heard of this site before!

Hello JamJam52

Glad to hear you found out about us on the BGDL podcast! We invite you create a user account on and jump into the General Chat in the bottom right corner of our site. You can meet other board game designers in the community and ask any questions you might have about our service or community. Let's turn those ideas of yours into real games! Cheers

Yeah, the Game Crafter is the

Yeah, the Game Crafter is the third most vital component in my game design process behind my brain and my notebook, haha.

I get all my components, cards, tiles, and boards from them and print all my prototypes through them as well.

They're pretty darn great.

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