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BGDL 22 - Patrick Leder: Designing an Asymmetrical Game

Patrick Leder, designer of Vast, discusses what all goes into designing an asymmetrical game. In Vast, each player takes on an incredibly different role with different actions, different win conditions, and different ways to play. And creating a game of this scope is no small task.

Check out the episode here:


Nice bonus round question!

This was a pretty interesting episode, with some great points made about play testing. In particular I'm glad he brought up that you can change as much as you want from one play test to the next. Sometimes the "one-change-at-a-time" approach is useful, such as trying to find out how much different items or upgrades should cost. But other times, one change in a mechanic can require ither follow up mechanics to need big adjustments, and if you want to think it all through in your head and try all the changes at once, there are no "play-test police" who are going to come and stop you! You can save a long frustrating play test from happening if you think through your changes and anticipate all the branching effects first, and toss out the ideas that "dead end".

But I also really liked his description of the "smiley face" play tests that signal that you're done testing and it's time to call the game "done!" Great bonus round question and great answer!

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