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BGDL 4 - Mike Strickland: How to Turn Kickstarter Failure into $100k Success

Mike Strickland, designer of Tau Ceti, and I talk about his Kickstarter failure and what he did to relaunch the campaign to wild success. After an unsuccessful first attempt, Mike regrouped and brought in over $100k the second time around. We discuss what led to the dramatic difference.

Please note that Mike was in a spaceship while recording the episode, so you’ll notice the slight hum of the warp drive in the background. Or maybe it’s just the sound of his computer’s overzealous fan. But since we’re talking about a space game, let’s just pretend he’s on a spaceship.

Listen to the episode here:


Thanks for the interview


Wonderful job! I appreciate the kind words and certainly appreciate you taking the time to discuss the KS with Mike. There are so many things to consider, and until you've attempted to run a project on a crowdfunding site, you have no idea of the potential pitfalls without having consulted those who have laid the groundwork.

Anyway, I'm taking the time to listen to all of your episodes thus makes for great listening to and from work each day.


Thank you, sir. I hope you

Thank you, sir.

I hope you enjoy the rest of the shows!

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