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A series of blog-posts about my main project

As some of you know already, Im offering hundreds of digital artworks on this site at affordable prices. The artworks have been created for several card- and board-game projects over the course of the last two decades. Most of the images where created by talented artists who are active on deviantart.

I own full, exclusive rights on all offered artworks. By acquiring art from fantasy stockart you get the image and non-exclusive usage rights to use them in your own projects. All of the images can be used legally in any kind of game project, also commercial ones. The images come in print resolution.

Please note: This is not a full fledged business or anything, as im still recovering from the initial investment. Right now, the sales slowly compensate what I invested in advance. I also barely do any kind of marketing or ads, aside from the BGDF collaboration and a few notes on selected Discord channels.

You can check out the whole collection on the fantasy-stockart site. I will be posting news and updates here once in a while as well, to notify you of new additions.




The first bunch of artworks I would like to introduce you to, are the Techno-Fantasy styled character images by Widodo Pangarso. The art was planned for a project named "The Magitech Wars" utilizing my "Archon Core System" (that I will explain a bit later in detail).

Widodo is from Indonesia and graduated at an art and design school at Jakarta, he resides in Malang. Widodo was fresh from school back in the days and therefore his paint skills where not up on par with his nowadays skills. The artworks where my very first paid commission ever and have been created sometime around 2003.

The actual Magitech Wars project took much longer to develop, as many changes and a lot of playtesting went into it. We went back and forth several iterations with and without using cards and/or dice, using tokens and even miniatures at some point.

The final incarnation of this project was planned to be printed at the game crafter or a EU based print on demand company, in small batches. I even started a collaboration with a board-game magazine and website in my area for marketing and public relation.

From a business point of few, the idea was to produce a highly enjoyable game with a minimum of financial input. While making the finished product look as good as possible. Overall we decided to go with an amateur artist (thats what Widodo was, back in the days), and only cards. With no other components.

As all of my other projects, Magitech Wars came to a sudden halt, as my life situation changed and a new job opportunity opened (an opportunity that Im involved in and thankful for up until today).

Linked are the first 20 artworks for the iconic characters of Magitech Wars, each of them has a few Science-Fiction influences. Its like fantasy characters dis-placed into a cyerpunk future:

Stay tuned for the full release of the Magitech-Wars project (including all rules and cards of the core-set) on our sister site sometime later this year (and yes, it will be free)!

Interesting, Still one of the

Interesting, Still one of the issues I have with art is that it is hardly reusable especially when you need a lot of art. Unless you can contact the original author to add the pieces you lack. Might be easier to make a contract on fivers.

Reusable assets are normally music, and graphic design (ex: card design). Still if you need a minimal amount of art, less than 10 pictures, it could work.

Thanks for your comment

Thanks for your comment @Larienna

Your issue of resuable art is quite understandable, but in this case it should be noted that the images have not been created to be offered to the public in first place.

What happens right now is re-purposing the art that was planned to be used in an actual game.

Sorry for the long down-time,

Sorry for the long down-time, i got enormously busy before and around the holidays. The pandemic keeps me on my toes!

A few updates:

1. Sadly I had to take down the print-and-play site for now, mainly due to time constrains. The amount of effort and time required to lift off such a page is simply too much right now. Besides that, the only real and free digital download plugin is flawed and the publisher refuses to fix that.

2. Fantasy Stockart on the other hand is still up and running. I can't say its growing strong but it sits there in its niche and happily serves customers.

This being said, a bunch of new artworks have been added as well as several freebies. The newest addition is a free CCG card template that I use to brainstorm and test my own designs. Its nothing special (thrown together in about half an hour), but it saves a lot of time and makes prototyping a CCG such much easier.

Check our stuff out if you're interested:


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