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hi everyone

Beijing Duocai Printing Co., Ltd. is a joint venture with about 28 million RMB of registered capital that is located in Beijing, China. We are specialized in printing and our main products are board games, puzzles, lenticular cards, UV printing, magazines and catalogues. We have passed ISO 9000/9001/9004/19011: 2000, ISO 14000/14001 and OHASA 18001.

It is especially the board games, puzzles and possibly lenticular cards we wish to discuss with you. We have much experience with OEM products. We have attached a few pictures of board games for your reference. You are also welcome to visit our website,

Beijing duocai printing Co., Ltd.
Phone: 86-10-64408358-337
Fax: 86-10-64408361


ok, having seen a reasonable

ok, having seen a reasonable amount of advertising for overseas companies, i have to say 3 things impressed me about this post:
1- well worded, it wasn't a struggle to read.
2- the website was actually decent looking.
3- the ISO certifications. those things don't mean much, but they do at least count for more professionalism points than is average. (plus ISO training is no fun at all)

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