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Box art file I sent to my manufacturer

Heroes & Treasure box art screenshot

This is obviously smaller than the real thing, because of the size limit here, but this recently came up, so I thought I'd show what a "box" looks like to a manufacturer.

Additionally I wanted to note that each of my cards is about a 100mb PDF file, when saved with its layers (about 5mb saved as a TIFF). Files are not small! And this is also why MS Word is not the right file format.

(Okay, now that I see it, this comes up super-tiny here, but you should still get the gist of it. The background is a template they sent me in Illustrator format, and this was assembled by my artist in Illustrator from a set of hi-res images for each panel, plus the bleeds)


looks good. i could easily

looks good. i could easily see it on a store shelf.

Well, if you see a store that

Well, if you see a store shelf that could use a copy, let me know :)

I'm selling some in person tonight at the Boskone SF/F convention in Boston, actually.

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