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Brand new update

Wrote 14 new monster encounters for the Wicker Tangle Chronicles novel chapter decks this evening. 53 on the list and 247 left to fill list to 300.

I am still working on a list of 5,000 monster encounters for this franchise. At this point , I say the list from the first novel base set is around 2,300.

Still a long way to go and the adventure is slow but joyfully moving along at a snail pace. Its all good though.

Not rushing this project , since its a major production franchise.



More new encounters

By lucky stars, as if any one really says that type of phrase. But non the less. Last night was a pretty fun night. While playing Dragon Age Inquinsition , new monster encounters came to mind for my game Dymino Monsters and I came up with 19 monsters with a clan of those type of encounters.

With this much inspiration of monster encounters I should be on my way to completing the list by the end of May or mid June of 2017.


New monsters created.

20 new monsters created last night. 79 total now on the list.

There are some interesting creatures that affect how a character reacts to the field. For right now I will call these type of monsters: Emotion dwellers.

Like for an example :

Alone. Alone affects the character to where this character stops in his or her movement pattern and feels alone. No one on the field except for that person. This character will be put onto a smaller field map until the monster is defeated or when another emotion dweller takes over. Say like Happy or sad or something of the sort. The Emotion dweller is put on top of the character card.


Instead of telling us, how

Instead of telling us, how many you have designed so far.

I find it more interesting in what the possible building blocks are for 1 piece. And derive the total amount of possibilities from that.
More so, why the 5k list? Why that 300? How did you get to those numbers?
Are the classes set? Or can they be derived from the combinations of statistics? Perhaps some monsters can belong in several classes.

Hello X3M

The list of monsters at 5,000 was due to the fact of my own personal challenge and to be creative. The theme of the game came way later in 2012 when I had talked about my game to my friend who I call my brother even though the game only had 28 encounters from the start and a game mechanic when I came up with the idea in August of 2004. The game mechanic went through 5 versions trying to figure out how to make it simple to learn the mechanic.

Since the game world and storyline is vast , I wanted to have these characters encounter their natural habitat creatures as we see in our world and environment. Plus I like large adventures.

Monsters classification :

I have tons of classifications for all of my chapter deck monster encouters. For this new novel , the monsters / creatures are darker due to the nature of the title: The Wicker Tangle Chronicles. That's how I percieve it , anyways. Each monster encounter do have their own attack and defense system.

I chose to write the blog here for smaller updates other than the Watercooler forum to respect the forum community on what new updates or current projects are being worked on then flooding the Watercooler forum. Plus its all updates really. There isn't much to talk about for the game other than my updates.

I rarely get online any more other than updating my bgdf page or facebook pages.

When I started this project back in 2004 , I knew this game was going to be big. Big as at least popular. Big as in, a storyline big. I just didn't know how big. Its a passion. I am not in the game design to be popular or whatever to make it rich. If my audience likes the progress I have committed to after all these years, I say thank you. I truely am honored for all of the support and game post views my game has gained.

Why 300 for this chapter deck:

Its a small goal to fill in before working on the other chapter decks that has no titles to this new novel yet. With the 300 monsters I can place them where they feel right during the game storyline as the players and characters progress. Each novel in the franchise will have 30 chapters to explore , learn new strategies and learn different tactics and do other things than just duel against another player. This game is more than that.

It wont be out for a good while and its not completed yet. I am , how ever satisfied on where this story and game play it taking me and I hope in the future when or if my game ever is released to the public that they to will be satisfied as they play the game.

I know its a huge undertaking project. Financially, its way over budget to produce at this time. To me, I am not really worried about it. Its the adventure and journey that got me to where I am today and I'm having a blast.

So wby so many creatures and monsters? Why not just stick to a small list?

My answer. I like and enjoy different variety of encounters. Its always fresh and new and the game never gets old and I am a very creative person to create these monsters or encounters and put different spins.

Monster class sets or combinations :

Yes its both really. Statistics between class varies to the size of the creature or monster. You can only tell by the attack and defense or by the title of the name. I do have math system that is very simple to allocate the attack and defense. This is why I can create a vast amount of monsters with ease and not worry about how much monsters I should put a goal to. Other than making the monster universe list to max out at 5,000. Plus its a good number. It feels right for this type of game.


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