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Bulk Order Fulfillment Now Available at The Game Crafter

The Game Crafter is pleased to announce a new feature we’ve been working on for months called Bulk Order Fulfillment (BOF). BOF allows you to purchase a bunch of your games from The Game Crafter and ship them out to multiple addresses at the same time. Best of all, you get the bulk discounts as if you were shipping them to the same address!

- Crowd funding campaigns, such as Kickstarter.
- Christmas or Wedding gifts.
- Copies for publishers and reviewers.
- Play testers in multiple cities where you want to get each group a copy of the game.

- Bulk discounts as if they were going to the same address.
- Crafter points - you get them all!
- Accolades - BOFs count toward sales accolades.
- You don’t have to spend a month in your basement individually packing and shipping boxes.
- You can include multiple copies per order, even of other games you made, so you can use other printables and parts as perks in your crowd funding campaigns.

How Does It Work?
The reason it took us so long to build this was that we went through many iterations trying to make it as easy as possible. We think we’ve made it pretty simple.

You can see all of the details and screenshots in our official announcement at:

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