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A card game

So, I'm thinking about a card game.

I have the basic design done, and I was playing a few early rounds with my 6yo a few months ago, until suddenly my "Darkness & Light" Kickstarter funded and I had to change priorities.

I sent my component list off to my manufacturer to get a vague price idea, and it looks like I can get 1000 units made at around $5000, or 2000 units for $9000. Not bad. That's not landed cost.. just FOB. But it's a card game and about 30% the size of my Heroes & Treasure boxes, so I'm hopeful that 1000 units would fit on a single pallet and maybe not cost too much to freight here.

In this early, not well play-tested stage, the component list is:

Deck of 108 cards
20 small plastic chips
20 acrylic gems
Dice bag to hold the gems (probably a stretch goal for my KS)
Color 6x6 rule book
Vacuum-formed insert
6x6 box

Might be able to reduce the number of chips.. I doubt I need more than 10.

Not sure if I want my gems to be "diamonds" that are all the same or the more varied kind like this:

Anyway, that's my current/next project. Trying to keep the KS price to $19, but not sure I see how that'll work. It's a "just a card game", but it does have gems and stuff, not just cards. Might need to do $5 US shipping additional.. so next step for me might be to get a real shipping-to-customer estimate.


QM Rates

Quarter Master rates to include Pick/Pack

-0.5 pounds USPS First Class $5.99
-1.0 pounds USPS First Class $8.25

evansmind244 wrote:Quarter

evansmind244 wrote:
Quarter Master rates to include Pick/Pack

-0.5 pounds USPS First Class $5.99
-1.0 pounds USPS First Class $8.25

Have their sheet right here :)

I think it'll be under a pound, but that includes their packaging, so it could leak up into the big chart.. I need to mock up a box with about the right amount of stuff (I think my copy of Yokai Septet, plus a deck of regular cards, plus 10 dice is likely close)

Of course, by 2020, it'll be $9.00 to ship that 1.0 lb package.

For your home prototype or reviewer copies

Jay103 wrote:
Not sure if I want my gems to be "diamonds" that are all the same or the more varied kind like this...

Take a look at these "babies":

They're available from "The Game Crafter" so you can use them in prototypes or reviewer copies. Obviously stating that the final product may differ from the prototype (or reviewer copy).

Heck, I sent a game that was just a prototype and they thought the game was so amazing even if they didn't HAVE the art! So on gameplay ONLY, they made my game "Father Geek Approved"! Just placeholder star fields...

Yup, that's what I'm talking

Yup, that's what I'm talking about. Good price on those, too.. if I was already placing an order so I could absorb the shipping :)

(they're about $0.02 apiece for me to actually put in the game, so $0.04 apiece not bad for what's effectively retail)

Well they're a bit more expensive on TGC

On TGC they are priced at $0.07 each. Which is still ridiculously inexpensive TBH. But if you can get them for $0.04 or $0.02 well that saves you maybe a dollar or two on the overall price (in production). But in any case, you can easily prototype with "the real stuff". Sometimes TGC doesn't quite have what you are looking for in terms of components (like player boards are very limiting aside from the Jumbo Card)...

But that's another comment, for another time. TBH TGC offers quite a bit in terms of components. I also like the Glass Beads:

Those can sometimes work in "conjunction" with the "Crystals". They are a bit pricier at $0.13 each. But you could use them as "scoring trackers" on a points chart (for example). Don't know what your "Chips" are for... But if you use Gems (since you seem to indicate your only need about 10 of them...) they may work in tandem with the "Crystals"!

Just a suggestion to "explore". I'm not saying you should or should not use them... Just maybe take a look and see if there might be fit or not.


They're $0.04 if you buy 100

They're $0.048 if you buy at least 10 at a time.

Ah yes... I didn't notice that before you mentioned it

Cool ... good stuff. 10-100 = $0.048. Got it! Even better deal... Sorry I had not noticed the nice discount when I searched for the "Crystals" on the TGC website...

Do you want them all the SAME color (Crystals)?

Or could you have "X" Crystals per player and color coordinate them (Red vs. Blue)

What about your "tokens". You mentioned around 10. Are those just point trackers or something else?

They're all the same. They're

They're all the same. They're mana crystals which power the cards you want to play.

The tokens are stun/exhaustion tokens, which I'm using as the "tap" mechanism. Didn't want to use tapping for this.

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