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Cardians | Solo Card Game


Your lands are under attack! Deploy cardians to protect various
locations against the intruders until they are defeated.

Cardians PnP Rules


Art Assets

I had a bunch of TCG-like art assets from the past, so I matched the art as best as I could to the theme.

Every Cardian is affiliated with one of the four locations, but the intruders are NOT affiliated with any location. Even though I tried pair the look of intruders to match a location, that is just for aesthetics.

The symbol in the bottom right corner is the basic set symbol.

I am currently in the balance phase of design. I will be tweaking the number of components and the actions as I continue to playtest the game. Let me know what you think so far!

I feel like with a good

I feel like with a good enough artist I could MAYBE put the available actions on the cards themselves through symbols (i.e. dominion, trickster). Obviously, players could use the quick reference card too (which would translate the symbols to text).

I really love your monsters!

I really love your monsters! Wonderful characters. :)

Thanks, it’s just an artist

Thanks, it’s just an artist pack from graphicriver. I added symbols to the cards to represent the abilities.

Hmm... From what I have seen...

They look like "nice" illustrations. It looks from GraphicRiver that it is a crew of several artists in this "art-style". They've got a huge amount of icons and other "game-related" assets. Definitely COOL... I'm browsing through their offering (just to see what they've made).

Note #1: They remind me a lot of the HearthStone style of art... Gold Chests, Coins, Tokens, etc.

Card Anatomy

Here is the card anatomy section:

Outlands card

The Outlands location is special, it has no land affiliation cost but requires 1 less defender to successfully defend it. It's also the only location that allows you to shuffle your defenders back into the deck.


Quite a few revisions today as get closer to a PnP. I finally added more overview theme to the rules:

You are the ruler of Cardia, its many territories have lived together in harmony for centuries. Recently, however, creatures from the Wastelands have assembled an army and are marching toward key locations throughout the land. Your goal: Deploy defenders to these locations to stop the invaders and defeat their army!

I extended the total number of abilities to have one special ability per territory and gave some overview of that too. From the rules:

Card Abilities
Each territory has its own signature ability. Dervishes from the Drylands can conjure sandstorms to clear the battlefield. Clerics from the Highlands can revive fallen allies to fight again. Wizards from the Outlands can teleport allies between locations. Hunters from the Woodlands can scout the surrounding area for threats.

I gave the invaders their own territory.

Over the coming days, I will be tweaking specific numbers (number pf cards, number of defenders, number with ability, etc.) based on playtests.

Card Anatomy update with changes:


Per some feedback on another site, I changed the size of the primary icons from 80x80 to 120x120 (secondary are still 80x80). I also changed the layout and design of "rewards" (victory for locations, abilities for defenders, defeat for invaders) and cost options to earn the reward (ranging from no cost to three cost options). Thoughts?


Cardians: Hinterlands

The Hinterlands, while technically a territory of Cardia, is unknown to most commonfolk. They forbid outsiders and operate under their own rules. However, worried that the Wastelands army would turn to their lands if the other territories are conquered, they have negotiated an alliance with you to defeat the enemy. News of this alliance has sparked fear and outrage throughout the ranks, compelling some to defect to the Wastelands in retaliation.

This expansion introduces four new defenders and invaders. Hinterlands troops count as two defenders toward a location’s defender cost. Defectors can only be removed by defenders from their former territory.

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