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The CE mark for a board game

En71 can cover board and card game products, so manumfacturer can directly stick CE mark on their board game if all materials conform to En71. but manufacturer need have self-verification files. Test report from the third party or themselves is an important self-verification files. No matter the third party or their own lab, the labs must be recognized by National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment.
For some other toy or game products, if En71 can not cover them and all components, manufacturer must apply for EC type examination, and get CE type certificate from Erupean Notified body, and make their "Manufacturer's declaration of products conformity with standards" based on the foresaid CE type certificate.

Simply put, you can easily ask for CE test reprot from a third party, then direclty stick CE mark on your board game products by yourself. You needn't contact European Notified Body for EC type examination.

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Have you done these types of tests?

Hi there have you done these types of tests and how would I go about doing them?

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