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Cheaper Shipping Options at The Game Crafter

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The Game Crafter is pleased to announce that USPS First Class shipping for small games inside the United States is now available. What that means to you is that if your game fits into a small pro box or a tuck box, then you can ship it to yourself and your customers much cheaper than you could before.

For example, Plague: The Card Game comes in a tuck box. To ship it to California via Priority shipping costs $6.45. However, if you choose to ship it via First Class then it’s only $2.87.

Doomworks comes in a small pro box. Shipping to California via Priority shipping would be $6.45. However, shipping it via First Class drops the price to $4.23.

If you have a game in a small pro box and you’re not getting these shipping prices, that means our system thinks you’re overstuffing the box. You can see this by looking at the dimensions of your game in the game editor under Statistics. If the system thinks you’re overstuffing the box then you’ll have dimensions larger than the small pro box. Our site uses these dimensions when calculating shipping costs.

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