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Chinese game with my game name?

Dungeon Brawl Ripoff

I was using Windows 10 to search my HDD for my Dungeon Brawl named items and it sends me to Bing web search. I see this game of the same name come up and I'm freaking out. Can I / Should I do something about this?

On a side note, rep from game company finally got back to me on the 28th. I need to send him my instructions and a how-to-play video. Done and done.


Video versus board/card game

The reality of it is your game is a board/card game and this other game is a video game. It's like Dove soap and Dove chocolates. Can't do squat...

Even if you had a Trademark (registered) you know the (R) not the TM. They would still be allowed to use the name... You just CAN'T own the name for ALL categories either.

The best you can do is Hope that the other product is of good quality and doesn't reflect baddly on your own product.


Yeah, there's no way they

Yeah, there's no way they ripped off your game name to make an unrelated video game. It's just someone else with the same name idea.

And, I mean, your game isn't published yet, right? If anything, you're stealing THEIR name.

Which I still wouldn't worry about.

If you hate sharing the name,

If you hate sharing the name, Dungeon Brawler(s) might be an acceptable alternative.

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