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Close call

The registration deadline for the Protospiel card design contest ended Friday and now I’m waiting for the first round submissions which are due by Oct 30th.

Just a week ago I was in pre-panic mode since we had less than half the expected designer register and it looked likely that we would have to cancel the contest.

This would certainly bad for everyone evolved; all the designers that did register and had worked hard on their designs, the sponsors, and of course the 9 months of planning, wheeling and dealing I and others did to make the contest happen.

Obviously we made our minimum and them some due to a flurry of registration in the last three days but it was at the point where I had already written up the cancelation announcement and apology.

I knew running this contest would be interesting and challenging. I didn’t expect any difficulties so early on.

One thing for sure I’ll have plenty of stories to tell by the end of it all.


Good Thing For Deadlines

Otherwise we would never finish.

I hear you though. Sounds like a party in Los Angeles. You never know if it's going to be a party until it is one.

Speaking of deadline the next

Speaking of deadline the next one is Oct 30th.

Only one submission sent in so far but i count that as good. I like to think that the designers are using all the time available to refine the games.

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