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With the coming new year, I'd better get started.

So here's my first entry. Hopefully I can use this to look back and maybe even use this as a place to throw my ideas at so they actually turn into something. I've got 3 games I'm working on, all at various stages of production. Steampunk Skirmish, Barnyard Skirmish, and a Time-travelling boardgame.

I'm focusing on the Steampunk game as of writing this. I'm writing up the stats for everyone and I want to make this easy, but as soon as I think, "I'll give this stat THIS number", I question myself. Why am I giving this stat this number? How is it defined? I end up writing nothing and continue to debate in my head and ultimately get distracted by something shiny. I really need someone to bounce ideas off of. Someone to double check my thoughts as they leave my mouth.

I suppose I should make a chart, right?
Melee Strength:
1: Frail, weak
2: Average Human strength
3: Machine-aided Human strength
4: Genetically-Altered super human strength

Melee Skill:
1: Unskilled
2: Basic Knowledge
3: Combat Trained
4: Combat Veteran

Weapon Power: (dunno)
1: Fists, Improvised Weapons
2: Clubs, Daggers
3: Gadgeteered weapons
4: Extremely Destructive; Explosives; Gadgeteered weapons

Upon writing up the weapon power, I realized if I added everything into 1 roll, it would just be ridiculous. The numbers are to be the number of dice you get. Strength of 2, Skill of 3, Power of 2 = 7 dice rolled. Rolled this number vs the opponents Defense (which I will explain at another time) and if the attack # exceeds the Defense #, the difference is taken as damage to the defending model.

Range Skill:
1: Unskilled
2: Basic Knowledge
3: Combat Trained
4: Combat Veteran

Range Power:
1: Flintlock Pistol
2: Flintlock Rifle
3: Gadgeteered Small Arms
4: Gadgeteered Heavy Arms

Bah, I ended up watching this "Kampfer" anime til 6:30 in the morning. I'll make another entry soon. This is a good start.


What turned me away from

What turned me away from Warhammer was that it turned into a game game where you started to roll buckets-of-dice. A game where I need to roll x dice based on 3 different stats is likely to turn a few people off, especially if it is a skirmish game.

You want it to be quick and fun.

Not knowing the actual mechanic of the number of dice rolling though it is hard to comment. Yes you'll get a better bell curve with a dice pool, but I wouldn't want to work out for each person/unit how many dice they need to roll. I'd be more inclined to work out those numbers and use it as a single stat already worked out, and then roll 1 or 2 dice, but maybe an odd one rather than the usual d6.

If you wanted dice pools maybe give each thing a different dice value and color: example 1=d4, 2=d6, 3=d8, 4=d10; Red=Strength, Blue=Skill, Green=Power.

This way you are always only going to roll 3 dice in any combat. You're example above would result in a red d6, a blue d8 and a green d6. Compare that to the defense which possibly uses a similar concept would be more fun and quite a unique way of running a skirmish system.

Clarification for you.

Thanks for the comment.

::EDIT:: What I failed to mention is that this game only has 3-10 figures, all with health totals. I really hate the whole groups of units. It is overwhelming and ridiculous in Warhammer.::/EDIT:: What I've written is basically the foundation for what the final, single stat will be for attack. If you have played Warmachine or seen the new Mk.II cards, under the melee weapon, you see "P+S". Power + Strength. It's then added up for you and printed. That's basically what I'm doing here. I'm showing the player, on the characters card, why the character has this number for its stats.

The mechanics of the battle aren't, "Roll to hit you then Roll to damage". Hitting and damaging are one big roll. Defending and dodge are one big roll. The idea for this is, your aim may be off but you hit a vital spot on their body, or the direct opposite, you hit spot on but only grazed them.

I really didn't want to get into it yet, because I was leaving it for another post but, I have "Glory points" (working title), given to a player at the start of the game, which are used for "Moments of Glory". They add 1d6 to your roll. The attacker attacks, declares Glory spent, if any. Defender declares Glory Spent. Roll Attack and Defense.

I REALLY like your idea of different dice depending on the number. As my concept is written, I'm not sure it would fit. BUT, I COULD leave the 1=d4, 2=d6 thing in, remove the colors, then roll them all as attack versus the defensive roll. When a player uses Glory points, it moves 1 die to a higher tier of dice. A d6 becomes a d8 and so on. The max would be a d10. What do you think?

I love warmachine - My Mini

I love warmachine - My Mini game of choice now so I know exactly what you are talking about.

I like your idea of glory points being able to change a die up to the next step, but if it were me, I'd make the working title to be 'Moments of Glory', being that is what the game's big thing is rather than Glory Points. Moments of Glory has a better ring to it too.


Well, when I said "Glory Points" as a working title, I meant as the title given to the points. I was up late so I wasn't too clear. As for the actual title of the game, I have no clue. I wanted a thematic title rather than a mechanic title (though who has a title based on their mechanic?). It's a Victorian Steampunk game so there are plenty of options. I might have a poll or something in the future. When I heard Moments of Glory as the title, it made me think it was a Civil War game. haha.

I'm really torn on using just 3 dice though. This is a major change at the fundamental level of creating this game. I'm not really sure how wild the dice can be versus my all d6 style of play. I guess I'll have to work double hard and make mock battles with both.

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