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Crafter Con 2017 - Bryan Winter: How games are sold at FLGS

Bryan Winter is the owner of "I'm Board", which is one of the most popular FLGS (friendly local game store) in the midwest. In this recorded session from Crafter Con 2017, Bryan covers a broad range of topics about game stores and provides answers to the following questions:

What should go on the box? What themes do well and what doesn’t? What’s a good length of play or number of players to sell at your store? Should you write your own rule book? What do retailers expect from Kickstarted games? All these questions and more will be answered.

This is a recording of a live session at Crafter Con 2017 in Madison, Wisconsin. If you'd like to learn more about Crafter Con visit

Watch the recorded video session on Youtube at:


Wow ... very informative

I really liked the part about "how to have your game sell at stores"... And aside from having "AWESOME" Cover (with amazing artwork), the 2nd aspect is making sure that you can explain how to play the game in 5 minutes on the back of the box!

We haven't much talked about this (OLG and I) and after watching that video, I am positive I have things to discuss in ensuring that the game is well perceived in stores.

Thank you for that GEM of insight - it was invaluable for a 45 minute watch. These are the topics we want discussed "turn rate"... Unfortunately I find that four (4) per year sounds very low. Personally I would be more into the 8 to 10 category...

Very good video - recommended to all designers who want to maximize their sales in stores. Cheers.

Glad you liked it. :)

Thanks for the positive feedback. We appreciate it as this takes a lot of work to livestream/record/edit these Crafter Con videos. Bryan's session was popular during the livestream too. He provided some great insights that most game designers aren't aware of.


We all hope our game make it to FLGSs (Brick & Mortar Stores) ... but once we get there - most Game Designers think that's the hard part. But the truth is, we (as designers - most of us) have never ran a Game Store, let alone do demos in-store either. I've never ran a Game Store - but I have done in-store demos...

And I know it's a TOUGH sale. Whatever you can do to get people to pick up that box and say: "Hmm..." That's 50% of the work you need to do with your box cover...

Then like Bryan says, ensuring that the reverse of the game box there is a way to "present" or "teach" the game to a potential buyer... That's something I had not considered. To be real honest, I wasn't certain WHAT was going to be on the reverse side...

I find when I go to a FLGS, I am "blown away" by the sheer VOLUME of games. There are so many... How do you pick and choose? Well I guess that's more about knowing the game you want to buy BEFORE going to the store...

"Turns" and understanding how "poorly" games actually sell at FLGS (4 is high... OMG that's like nothing almost...) Because of all the competing games...

Anyhow - very informative!

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