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Crafter Con 2017 - Patrick McNeil: A crash course in graphic design for game designers

The Game Crafter - Crafter Con & Protospiel Madison 2017 - Become a better game designer

Patrick McNeil is a former Interactive Design professor, author of 6 books on web design and currently works as a UX Architect/Researcher.

In the recorded session from Crafter Con 2017, (watch it on youtube at you'll go through a crash course in graphic design that focuses on the fundamental principles of good graphic design and how to apply those in the world of game design. The core focus is on key principles that every designer uses and practical tips for applying them.

Leave armed with easy strategies and methods for improving your designs. And cultivate your eye for design and the ability to effectively critique it. This session is packed with real life examples, both good and bad, to help you process and understand these principles.

This is a recording of a live session at Crafter Con 2017 in Madison, Wisconsin. If you'd like to learn more about Crafter Con visit


Wow ... very informative too!

@Tavis: Thanks for sharing these really COOL videos... Interesting things you learn about some basics to "Graphic Design". Not saying it's going to make all of us PROs at it - but it can definitely make for "nicer" prototypes with better chosen FONTS and Color Palettes (for those who insist on adding color to their prototypes).

Worthwhile video to watch - if you want to design "nicer looking" prototypes and maybe even hire a Graphics Designer but be on the lookout for what makes for a nicer "prototype" (or final game).

Great stuff!


Glad you are enjoying the videos. We have several more to go still. :)

Still in queue to be edited:

Intro to vectors with Inkscape and Illustrator (2 hours)
Component Studio Unleashed (1 hour)
Insider tips about publishers from Atlas Games (30 minutes)
Sound advice for improving your audio (1 hour)
The Official Game Crafter Podcast: Live (1.5 hours - although it's a recording of that live event now.. heh)

If you don't want to wait for an edited version, you can jump over to, click on the videos link, scroll down to the "Crafter Con 2017" playlist, and watch all of the archived copies of the live stream sessions. Understand that these are unedited. Please excuse a few temporary audio issues but that was due to an inconsistent WIFI connection wreaking havoc on our Mevo live streaming camera.

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