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Crystal Heroes: New beginnings

Hello all,

After the sad but TRUE announcement that I will no longer be investing time into "Quest Adventure Cards(tm): Second Edition", I am excited to announce some changes in my game roster.

First of all, I had a Video Game production called "Crystal Heroes". This was initially a Nintendo DSi Video game which then became a Android Cellular phone game, which is NOW going to be a "Table Top Card Game"...

YES - We are going to make this small and simple game a "Gateway Game" which can be used as filler between Magic games or while players are waiting for the other players to finish up a game (player elimination). The duration of a game is about 5 minutes and therefore 15 minutes for a Best 2 out of 3 rounds! :D

I had to reflect on how to transform this Video production into a PHYSICAL copy of the game. Built on a completely different business model, this game, if it gains traction will be a GREAT game to introduce gamers to all sorts of other games including card games.

This has taken much pondering - to see HOW a GREAT game could be created from a Video game... Obviously we know we cannot do any "special effects" when Active Abilities are used (like Firestorm!) But this will be a unique challenge to determine HOW best to implement such an ability! :)

So I am very excited to announce to the BGDF community that I will be working on ANOTHER compelling "Gateway Game"!

Stay tuned for more information!


So you abandoned one card

So you abandoned one card game because there isn't a market for card games to focus on producing a different card game? I don't get it. It kind of sounds like you are circling the wagons in response to some setbacks or self-doubt.

For video game style card games, there's Boss Monster, which was also made into an Android app, if you need some inspiration. Super Dungeon Explore was another game heavily influenced by early console games, although it is more of a miniatures game. Video game style games are definitely a thing right now.

Yes and no...

I abandoned "Quest Adventure Cards(tm): The Second Edition" because I felt as if the product "lacked" an audience. Even with the excitement of gin-rummy style play, it's NOT a ground-breaking game. Much too simple and does not have the depth "Tradewars - Homeworld" has for example.

It's not because of setbacks or self-doubt, I have to realize that just because a game is FUN - doesn't make it a BESTSELLER! Yeah - most kids that I have played Quest with, enjoy it! But it's a far cry from a brand that is well known like "Pokemon".

As far as my NEW game (which was supposed to be a video game), I realize that THIS game has BIG potential. I have a very smart business model that caters to the gamers who want to play the game. Also no HIGH or EXORBITANT funding goals (like $25k or $30k)... Achievable goals such as $5,000! Huge difference and if it can build a following, then WHY NOT?!

Also with this new business model comes LESS RISK, profitability (although small) is better than taking a loss, POD capabilities, small runs and all the things that make for a simple "Gateway Game".

It's a 5 minute game - which is HIGHLY addictive. And so you play best of three (2 out of 3), so 15 minutes of play. Great for in-between two longer games or good with games with player elimination, etc.

And this way I can DEVELOP a game 500 people enjoy playing and EXPAND upon that player base to get even more people playing "Crystal Heroes". IF there is a demand for a "Video Game", we can explore that at a later time, I am, for now, focused on building up a good following (even if small) with something that is realistic (not dreaming about some miraculous game that will make a ton of cash or sell like hot cakes). Just a small following that will be loyal to the brand!

Hope that better explains what I am hoping to do! Cheers!!!

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