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Crystal Heroes: a Peek into the Future!

If you ever wanted a "Crystal Ball" to look into the FUTURE... Look no further! This is a preview of one of the nine (9) Houses (and Booster Packs) for "Crystal Heroes" (CH). I didn't want to reveal the first two (2) sets because that would be unfortunate ... People will need to wait until they get their game to see what those will look like.

In any case, this is all validated and I am working HARD on making this a very interesting project with all the "bumps-in-the-road"...

Cheers all, let me know what you think!?


Updated the image to look like a Booster Pack!

I figured it would look better on an actual Booster Pack! I also made some minor corrections to make it "foil" appearing as it should be.

Nothing else new... This is still a very "futuristic" preview! Cheers.


Love the waterfall backdrop! Also really like the stained-glass "C" in your logo.

These are DOORS that were unused because...

Initially this background "Waterfall" was supposed to be for the Cardback... But since I decided to go for a common Cardback ... These beautiful "Doors" had no specific purpose... And so I re-purposed them to be the Booster Pack backgrounds... I really love the artwork that went into this booster's background and I did not want to WASTE "Art" or monies spent in making art with no purpose for its usage.

And... Voila ... COOL Booster Packs!

Again this is just a preview... I've got 2 others (Humans and High Elves) also already done and look pretty fantastic too.

Thanks for your feedback, muchly appreciated!

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