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Defenders of Wessex Massive Update

Well, it looks like its been since October that I last put up a blog entry. Time to rectify that, now isn't it?

Far from being a dead or deserted, this project has gone on with great gusto for the last few months. There was a bit of a pause on work from the second week of November through til Christmas, mostly because of the holidays and the difficulty that I had in setting up any play tests. But now things have really come along.

I've forgotten what version of the game I'm on now, but I have done a lot to it in the last 2 months. Combat has been re-balanced. Its still a little off, but its closer. The deck that produces vikings is now much more balanced and effective. I feel like it needs a few more bad cards in it, but that may be just me. And the characters are much closer to their ideal balance. With only 3 characters who are minorly questionable (I'd say 90-95% balanced), this is pretty close.

All in all, it is very nearly complete. I have more play tests coming up in the next several weeks, and thus by the end of March I expect to have everything completely balanced and working properly.

The only hang up is the artwork. My dad (the artist) has not been able to produce art as quickly as i would have liked, but its understandable. I hope he is able to generate some great pictures to share soon, because before long it will be only artwork left before I get a copy of the game printed via Game Crafter to begin prepping all the marketing material for the Kickstarter campaign.


I remember reading about this

I remember reading about this one - it sounded pretty cool, but yeah it's been a while ! Good to see work is progressing, and I'm looking forward to seeing some artwork!

I'd love to show you some

I'd love to show you some artwork, but all i have right now is character sketches. I'm meeting with the artist tomorrow in the hopes that he has more for me.

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