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Defenders of Wessex: New update with version 2.9/3.0 on the horizon!

So, I had a wicked play test on the weekend. Not wicked that it was awesome, but wicked in that some how it showcased every flaw with the was amazing and kinda like a train wreck.

So, the first problem we encountered was the deck of cards - the content is great but numbers need adjusting. Case in point: No vikings invaded for 5 turns (its an 8 turn game), and the ones who arrived were kind of pathetic.

Then we discovered an issue with the missions - its how points are scored, but while they give players a direction, often it can be counter productive (requiring the player to build a palisade when they really need an iron mine, for example).

Plus problem came out with one of the characters who basically became an invincible warrior god (that was house rule fixed right away).

And wow...but it was amazing and now I know exactly what needs to be fixed.

Now, version 2.9 and 3.0 - why two versions at the same time? Well, 2.9 will be the version with the above errors fixed and ready to play. 3.0 is going to be designed for experienced players. Basically the first 3 turns (the learning turns) are done during set up and the players are plunged right into the thick of things. It will be difficult, and awesome!

I will post an update when all this has been fixed and tested a few times.


I read about this game before

I read about this game before - did you ever get a revised rulebook up for us to review? Did you settle on "Defenders of Wessex" as the final title, or are you still thinking of other options?

There is no revised rule book

There is no revised rule book yet. The old rules I put up are still semi-valid; the big issue with that book is the wording. I find often I attempt to describe the process that goes on in my head rather than what goes on on the table. So it needs some edits.

As for the game name I'm still open to suggestions, but Defenders of Wessex has yet to be topped.

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