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Dice Duelz - Full Mock-Up

Just a quick mock-up how the advanced version of the game would look like. Advanced means that each player has the maximum of 3 monsters in play.

The screenshot below (you can click to enlarge it) shows the state of the board right after both player rolled all of their monsters dice and are now determining Initiative according to a new system (WIP).

For sake of simplicity, all dice are treated equal in this example. You can see the "dice legend" on the top left corner. Thats the die faces from top to bottom 1 to 6.

just to visualize this project a bit more to my fellow game designers out there!


A quick thought

It's hard to tell exactly what the shield is - could you go for a more generic "shield" icon?

So how do you determine who

So how do you determine who goes first between the Minotaur and Yeti?


The shield for this card game icon is a arrow head with scales. Thats what it looks like to me.

@ruy343 @stormy Yep that

@ruy343 @stormy Yep that scaly thing is the Shield icon. This is still WIP, so the icons are not final

(those are open-source icons from currently)

@JewellGames: Tada! The Grand Prize question...still no clue...but working on it...

Idea right now:

one of both players always holds a Arena Token. It is determined randomly who starts with it. Whenever there is a Initative Conflict, you can hand the token to your opponent and go first. Or keep it and go last.

But thats not perfect either and seems tacked on...

I think your Arena Token idea

I think your Arena Token idea is good and doesn't seem overly tacked on. It's the same system used in college basketball, and I've seen it in other games.

You could also give each creature an "initiative rating" so in the case of ties, you just look to see which creature has the smaller number.

@gabe thanks for the heads

@gabe thanks for the heads up!

no time to playtest today but a few discussions regarding the Arena Token:

1) renamed into "Initative Token" because that fits better
2) idea to streamline it even more:

The holder of the token MUST use it whenever there is a tie and go first plus give the token to the opponent in question.

this removes the choice and prevents a player sitting on the token

it is much faster than a random die roll or RPS to resolve the tie. and it grants an advantage to each player back and forth.

looks like we are using it the way stated

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