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Dice Duelz - Legends

Dice Duelz - Legends

So the cat's out of the bag...

It has been a long time since I tried to tackle yet another professional game project. After several failed projects - a bunch of smaller ones and a big one, I really felt it makes no sense to try building a boardgame for any other reason than just for fun.

But, in January 2016 I stumbled across the Pocket Sports website maintained by Hamish. He designs, produces and sells what I would call micro-dice games. And I was so thrilled by the idea that I wanted to try something similar by myself. So Hamish was contacted, he is really friendly helping out others - but I knew that I had to develop something completely different that would suit my art style (being a web designer by trade) and style of play more.

In the past, I enjoyed games like Magic: the Gathering, Pokemon and even a trading dice game called "Dragon Dice". What I dislike is the CCG distribution model, but there is nothing against having an expandable game. I also like the concept of "Shift: The single card CCG" quite a lot (the actual game is not so good in terms of mechanics).

Back to Hamish and Pocket Sports: It is the absolute minimum of components that thrills me so much. Just a bunch of custom dice and a few cards - not even a deck! This design principle reminds much of the age of C64 games, where programmers where literally forced to work with minimum RAM and disk space.

I really wanted to try something similar. And in a wild frenzy, over the course of the past month's and weeks - Dice Duelz was born. A expandable dice combat system utilizing just one (up to three) cards and five dice (up to 15) per player.

Dice Duelz is some kind of an Engine. It combines the heavy luck component that all dice games have with tactical decisions that remind of distributing energy (dice) among the different systems of a Tie Fighter. But in the case of Dice Duelz, you do not control a spaceship - instead mythical creatures from legends, either medieval or futuristic fight in a galactic tournament. In the end, only one player can be victorious!

Dice Duelz - Legends, is the first set I plan to realize using this engine. With 305 gsm high quality premium plastic cards and custom engraved dice, the few components of the game get a deluxe treatment. The art style is what I refer to as "techno-fantasy", a style that might not appeal to everyone. But one of the games targets was to move away from the stereotype fantasy games as much as possible. And not just in terms of mechanics, but also regarding the art as well.

So, the core rules are finished - as are the templates, the logo and much of the other stuff as well. Im now into designing the core set (the abilities are the hardest nut to crack ATM). While checking different methods of producing dice (I already got a cheap manufacturer for the plastic cards). In fact, Im so crazy about this game that I might tackle it all by myself in terms of design, production and self-publishing. This even went as far, as I encrypted the card samples shown in this thread and elsewhere!

Dice Duelz is what happens if you take games like Magic: the Gathering, Dragon Dice, Dicemasters and the VS System and put them on steroids before coating them with a shipload of Pokemonesque art style.

A little web-designer on a big planet Nothing to lose!

cheers -Tobias (Fhiz)



Just fyi, has fairly cheap (printed) dice for your prototypes.

I'm very interested to see the gameplay because I have been working on a similar all-dice game but I haven't quite found a system that I like. My favorite implementation (minus the cdg aspect) has been cookie fu.

thanks for your comment! That

thanks for your comment!

That site looks really good. I wished they had engraved dice, but thats also a price issue. Did you order dice from them? I always wonder how long a printed die lasts.

Know cookie fu, but never had a chance to play it in real. They also use printed dice as far as i know.

Printed dice actually last

Printed dice actually last longer than you'd think. I use those for prototypes that exchange quite a bit of hands at conventions and they haven't worn off yet.

Cookie Fu switched to engraved dice after the first edition:

thanks again! the reason why

thanks again!

the reason why they changed to the engraved ones? yeah, they are "cooler" but anything else?

just checked the prices of and thats quite a bargain. even though im located in europe, their shipping costs are not that high.

im just a individual and no company, so i might go with printed dice instead.

too sad they only offer white ones. but that can be achieved with the right printing i guess.

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