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Dice Duelz - no Update

Hi, Sadly there was no update this week, Im just too busy with other tasks. First and foremost comes my job, taking care of several clients. So, just a few quick notes:

  • the core rules are finished! without adding new stuff, the bare-bones version of the game is complete, tested and ready to expand
  • still have to re-write and re-structure the rulebook, this gonna take a while
  • the real task is to design a bunch of starting monsters, together with abilities
  • ability balancing and interaction will require much more time and testing
  • ordered some custom dice from a manufacturer in china (shipped already but not received yet)
  • decided against engraved dice and went for printed dice instead (price)

Finally, I also contacted the graphics designer who worked on the game "Tau Ceti" that was recently featured on Kickstarter as well as here on the BGDF. His name is Santiago and he will do a bunch of unique, vector based icons for my project.

more updates soon!

cheers -Tobias


Keep it up

That sounds like an update to me :) Keep it up, looking forward to seeing the new icons and your dice.

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