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Dice Duelz - Plastic Cards

Plastic Cards

Yay, my plastic playing card samples arrived!

As some of you already know, Im located in europe. We have several printing services over here, sadly nothing as professional as or Most are traditional printing companies with a few exceptions. One exception is as they focus on playing cards. It is a end-customer service, so it is quite expensive. But they are the only ones that offer plastic cards at a reasonable price.

So, the attached image shows my plastic card samples arrived via mail yesterday. These are premium plastic cards with a thickness of 305 µm and a digital print. Some institute tested them so they are child friendly as well (as long as not swallowed), so the nerdiest of all gamers can even chew on them!

You can bend them, but it is very difficult - if not impossible - to break them. Water resistant, dirt resistant and the colors do not rub off easily.

Dice Duelz is a dice game, not a card game. The trick is that my game only uses a few cards per player - and not a whole deck. Printing a whole 55 card poker deck from plastic is quite expensive. But printing a deck and then sub-dividing it into several "packs" makes the pricing much more reasonable.

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