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DM Wicker Tangle Chronicles Monster Encounter Random Pick to Showcase

Dymino Monsters: Monster Encounter Bio from the list of The Wicker Tangle Chronicles:

Well here it is. Our first look inside of one of the many monster encounters some where in the East Region Continents in the world of Dymino Monsters.

Our first random pick of the evening is: Sand Bird.

Name: Sand Bird

Size: Small. Adult.

Height: 5 hands tall.

Wing Span: 3 1/2 feet across.

Habitat: Sandy remote areas. Examples: Beaches, Desert, Forest sand dunes.

Color Scheme: Light Brown, tan and black.

Variety of Colors also recorded: Yellow, blue and amber or a mixture due to habitat.

Food Resources: Tarl, Silver Sun Fish, Ith Mite, Burrowing Frog Mite, Tarl Glider and Amber Ith.

Territorial. Hunts in groups. Lives in large family.

Offense: Beak Strike, Double Beak Strike, Beak toss target into the air. Scratch. Add +9 Attack on second and third dymino tiles.

Defense: Flight / Glide. Burrow target in sand for one full battle round. Add +10 defense on first and third dymino tiles for Sand Bird. -20 Health points for target in sand.

There you have it citizens of Rygar Kingdom , ladies and gentlemen as promised an inside look to one of the newest monster encounters. Let us know what you think about this creature / aviary.

Creator of Dymino Monsters:

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