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Done! (-ish)

Davis & Daughters Games Logo
Heroes & Treasure Back of Box

All my files have been uploaded to the manufacturer.

I think everything's in the right formats and sizes.. I'm sure they'll let me know if I missed something.

Mostly delivered PDFs, though my cards for some reason were 50-100MB as PDFs, even if I didn't save with layers, and anyway would've needed the fonts installed, so I saved those as TIFF files and poof, 5MB each.

Total asset size was just under 1GB.

The big thing I forgot about was the back of the box (and the sides!). Image attached. If there are problems, I don't want to hear about them :). Thanks to questccg for letting me use his player icons there.

Just wondering what I screwed up. But now, time for some sleep!



Oh, and I got a company logo in the process! My artist whipped it up faster than one of the game characters..


Both look real good. The Box Bottom and the "cute" Game Company Logo... Job well done!

I'm already having second

I'm already having second thoughts about the box. I should be able to modify the contents..

(I think having a list of the components might be a silly waste of space, compared to stating the main draws of the design, namely that it can be played without reading or math...)

But thanks!

oh nice!

Oh the back came out nice, I really like it. I agree, talking up the draws of the design might be a good change.

Thanks! I actually


I actually "Photoshopped" that photo. Was pretty cool. (The big grey die is actually a big white die in the photo, and I enhanced the levels of a number of the paper assets that were washed out in the photo (the far-away tokens and most of the cards)

And I took the photo :). Then I spent almost 2 hours doing background removal on it, only to find that my artist also did that at the same time. Whoops.

And now I have this cool mystic-y symbol I can watermark on things. It's already found its way onto all four box sides and the backs of my cards.

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