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Dungeon Brawl Final Draft rules


I received a PDF maker from andrew2 over at thegamecrafter, so now I'm able to make PDF rulebook! This rulebook I've made is pretty much final draft. Thanks to all of you here for finding the last errors and clarifications! If there is anything super glaring, let me know. I bought 10 copies of my game for preview copies and every one has this version of the rules.

GameCrafter PDF rules link:
DeviantArt PDF rules link:

I have 1 miniature's STL file almost complete as well. I can't wait to get to PAX UNPLUGGED. I have to advertise like a maniac now. Now... where to start...


I PM-ed you about one possible lead...

I re-read Jason's site and it seems like he's a bit tired of the Kickstarter scene. He's been KS-ing several games a year now ... and it looks like he would prefer getting more "Game Design" than actual Publishing other works.

But like I said, give him a shout and see what he thinks.

He could maybe setup a Joint-KS with "The Game Crafter" (TGC) ... I know at some point in time he was serious about helping people publish their designs with his help...

So I would just send a "nice" hello, "here's what I have", "would this interest you..." And leave it at that.

Cheers and best of luck(?!) with your game!

TGC is a "hard sell"

The thing about TGC is that it's "hard" selling on their platform. It's because there are so many games and everyone is competing with each other.

My suggestion was to "partner" with someone who has ALREADY gone down the KS route before... And they have a database of users based on what they have already sold.

So if your game is SOLID... One of these smaller publishers might be interested in Kickstarting your game.

Because doing it alone is a hard route too. These "smaller" sized publishers are interested in GOOD GAMES but also more complete/polished version where there is little modification (maybe they can make your rulebook aesthetically look "nicer", etc.)

You can also speak to "Tavis" or "JT" from TGC and talk about a Joint-KS to try to sell over 100 samples of your game. That's also a possibility too... Don't know if TGC is still in the KS business or not. But I would ask, no harm in just asking a question...

Wishing you good fortune with your game!

Penguin Brawl

Hmm... I don't know if this was a coincidence or kismet but another game using the similar syntax was on Kickstarter recently. It's called "Penguin Brawl", here is the KS link:

I don't know if your game has any similarities... but this game just barely funded with a sum of £8,651 just over their £8,000 goal.

Anyways make you could compare the mechanics to see if they are in any way similar... Wouldn't want to confuse "Dungeon Brawl" with "Penguin Brawl"...


UGH! The game has very

UGH! The game has very similar mechanics and card types. I have to say, it is a stripped down, simpler version of my game.

Maybe I can piggy back on them. "You've heard of Penguin Brawl. Get ready for Dungeon Brawl!" hahaha. Oh god, shoot me.

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