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Early Adopter's Bonus @ The Game Crafter

We're headed off to GenCon in a couple of days and we're packing up now to get ready. There's one thing I personally couldn't forget to do before I go, and that is to thank all of you, our early adopters, for supporting us.

You came to our site in this first month, before we even really officially opened our doors, and you showed us your love and patience even through our initial production issues and web site quirks. Have no fear! Our production is getting better day by day, and we're adding features to the site every week, and have no plans on stopping on either front; but I thought we could do even more to thank you. So for every person that has purchased a game from our shop in the past 30 days, we've given you $10 of in-shop credit you can use to buy even more games. It will automatically show up in your cart when you go to check out the next time.

Thank you! See you at GenCon!

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