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Entry #1 Market Entry

Hello all. I was thinking about self publishing my first game as a digital download roll& write. This would cut down on costs and get my name out there.

I was thinking of putting out a simplified classic dungeon crawler with a twist. Getting points by posting your result to my twitter account or something to that effect. What do you think?


Getting points for what?

Getting points for what? Points in the current game you're in the middle of?

I'd say it's clever to try to tie in your social media, but you have to be pretty careful about it, imho.

Sorry I didn’t explain the

Sorry I didn’t explain the concept and victory points / glory concept.

Part of the loot dropped can include talismans that can affect dice rolls, but they are also victory points. To maximize glory you want to hold these and not use them. At the end of the game you can tweet a pic of the completed session to the game account and state your total points won, along with a ‘map’. The map details out the encounter and your characters used are circled. Other players can input the map on the R&W and play.

Eventually, these tweet maps become full user created adventures with difficulty ratings. It’s like an online community choose your adventure.

That sounds.. hmm. That

That sounds.. hmm. That sounds like it's asking your customers to do work that does not immediately benefit them. It benefits other customers later.

Sometimes people do things like that, but.. I wouldn't count on it.

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