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Okay, so I bit the bullet and started a Facebook page for my game.

Not quite as bad as I was expecting, though the whole social media marketing thing is just not in my wheelhouse. Having to constantly post updates, for example.


Facebook makes stuff pretty easy. I was pleasantly surprised that it was easy and obvious how to schedule posts for the future, so I can write up a couple of posts in the evening and have them appear at different times the next day. Makes this much more doable.

My two paid marketing plans for Facebook are:

(1) to Boost around one post a day, before launch, for $2-3 each, which gets me something like 200-500 "sponsored posts" appearing in people's feeds (is "feed" the right word? Timeline? Probably feed.). These can be targeted VERY tightly. I was able to make a group of parents in the US who like tabletop RPGs which consists of like 140k people. These posts get people to the FB page, which hopefully will get them to my landing page to leave their email address, but a "follow" on FB is probably nearly as good..

(2) to advertise to a similar group on the first two days of KS launch.

If anyone has any comments or experience with FB marketing their games, I'd love to hear it.


Pretty happy with my facebook

Pretty happy with my facebook page. I'm wishing I'd started this a month earlier, like all the advice on the web told me to.

If you're planning a KS, I would definitely recommend making a FB page, posting some regular content there (I just started putting up pics of the characters and enemies, to start). Then spend $5 to boost a post for a few days. Repeat.

The post (so far) I've had the most success with asks a question (which character do you like best?), and also includes a direct link to my webpage, so I'd recommend "engagement", as they say.

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