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Final rules once again!

For the 100th time I think that I have finished my Noblemen game. Of course it is not officially done in my mind until I submit it to Hippodice. I have made a pact with myself not to “work” on the game after that, that the game will be done. In fact the most probable outcome of this submission is that I will have a done game and therefore happy.


I like it

The Bribe Chits are growing on me... I think I might like them now. Still not sure I think they're "necessary" but at least I don't hate them ;)

I see you added the discounts for titles - I hope that works out for you (I liked it).

Sounds pretty solid! Good luck in Hippodice!!

- Seth


The example on page 11 gives the wrong discount amount.

Also, for the Secret Marriage scandal text "During a Bribe Royalty action you may pay 1 pound for the first 4 bribe chits bought," you may want to consider either "pay 1 pound each" or "pay half the cost." As it is, I can't tell if I get 4 for $1 or 4 for $4 (although I think I know what you mean).

Thanks guys

Thanks for the comments and help and editing um help

I have applied the ideas and otherrs.


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