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First glimpse

We are finalizing the development for my pick up and deliver game Tahiti.

I found out this weekend that a friend was hired to do the final rules edit, which is cool because not only is he a friend but he is an award winning rules writer. Yes they do give awards for that.

I also just got the first glimpse of the art, or at least some concept sketches. I was hoping for a different artist than was chosen but im feeling better after seeing two very nice cover art concepts. One being quite humorous and the other more atmospheric setting a mood that fits the theme.

The artist has also started on the game components. We will be doing a kickstarter campaign for Tahiti which will include a demo video of how it works. Originally I was going to use one of my prototypes to shoot the demo but I think we are going to wait for the final art; it will make the video more appealing.

This last stage of getting published can be frustrating or exhilarating depending on your publisher. Working with Minion Games has been a pleasure because I’m consulted on every aspect of the final development; writing, art, layout, components, etc…. Not that I have veto power on final decisions but I do get to put my two cents in.

More to come as we get closer


Sounds cool man! If you can

Sounds cool man!

If you can shoot me a copy (277 Coxford Road, Southampton, UK, SO165LD) then I can review it for you on purple pawn to coincide with the ks campaign? :)

are mnion games cool then? they sound cool, I think they are one of the cool ones, but dont know too much about them..


do you mean a prototype?

do you mean a prototype?

Yeah sure man! Whatever

Yeah sure man! Whatever :D


I just saw the finished cover

I just saw the finished cover and its great.

Fun looking with color that just jumps out at you. It should stand out on the store shelves.

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