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First in a long time

I have entered Buka & Back in the KGB game design Challenge

This is the first contest I have entered in a long time. Usually I miss the deadline because I can’t get the game ready in time. Fortunately Buka & Back has been ready for submission for some time and only took a little rules tweaking to get it ready.

There are several prizes
First Place $1000
Second Place $400
Third Place $200

And the possibility of licensing the game to them. We could all use a little $ and getting the games published is the ultimate goal.

Even with that enticement the main reason I entered was the ease of the submission process and the lack of financial burden. No need to mail a bunch of prototypes half way around the world at my own expense. Instead I only had to e-mail the submission material. If chosen for the finals KGB will pay the postage to send the prototype to Korea.

On top of this the whole contest will be over by the first week of November. That’s instant gratification compared to how long I usually wait to know if my game has been accepted.

The Game? Buka & back is a set collecting game where the players go on an island hopping vacation trying to come back with the best stories of the best adventure, food, scenery, beaches, and shopping they found on the islands they visited.

Wish me luck. If you entered good luck to you!



I didn't make the cut on the first round.

Of the 85 entries they picked 21 finalists including longtime BGDF member Ariel Seoane's, a.k.a. seo, entry Love Means Nothing.

Don't forget to wish him luck.

My game didn't make the cut either.

I entered a heavily revised version of Wyrmkym from the March BGDS (#9):

I slimmed the components down to around 100 cards and 2D10 percentage dice and I suspect the dice were the sticking point for the judges. Still, it was the only design I had anywhere near ready to enter and it got a lot further during the process- so it was all worth it.

The commentary on the BGG thread is interesting in that the vast majority of the entries were submitted in the final week of the competition making me think that getting in early might make you stand out from the crowd a little more. C'est la vie.

Best of luck Seo!

I decided to enter a recent

I decided to enter a recent game design and failed to make the cut as well.

I think the fact that I attached the wrong file to my entry, and sent in an unfinished draft copy instead of the completed rules, might have cost me a bit in the comparisons.

Oh, and I even made a mess of the emailing by sending the first attempt to - which lead to the hurried, slightly panic driven re-send.

Bit of an embarassing attempt all round, but it made me laugh when I finally noticed my errors. I just hope the judges weren't to offended when they opened the file and read through the disheveled contents.

Lesson for the day - if your going to make mistakes then make sure you make huge mistakes, so they stick in your mind and you never repeat them again :)

Well done to everyone who managed to send the right files to the right address first time.

and the best of British luck to Seo :)

Do you think they will offer a special prize for the most idiot points?

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