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First Official Playtest

My buddy Terry played a full game of AV with me on Monday. 7 models vs 7 models. The points I gave them (balancing) was 56 to 42 in his favor. The 1 game only took about an hour which I think is GREAT considering he's never played my game before.

• We played scenario #2 but never even touched the objectives!
• A lot of my objectives are similar to Malifaux, which I don't want.
• Do I make a minimum distance to travel when charging? (Charge is 2 actions: Move 1.5 normal speed and attack)
• Charging gives 1 extra die to attack. Keep it?
• Defense is ridiculous right now. It's a flat negation of successes your opponent rolls. 0 Defense means every hit hits. 2 Defense is REALLY hard to damage. I'm wondering if it should be the number of dice you get to roll to negate successes. If that's the case, I'm guessing it'll be a flat 50/50 chance. If I start making tables, it will screw the entire layout of the cards I made. DEF works alright for now, but I want to try the other way and hope I don't need to make any changes.
• I didn't play with the fate coins so they're untested.

I didn't get any feedback from the game that I could use except for:
"Make a list of armor and weapon upgrades which cost points you would have spent building your gang." If you have 1 or 2 points left over and can't fit any more people, this is an excellent way to balance it out.

For Fate Coins, I wanted to give each Commander/Leader a Fate Coin amount. I haven't given clear rules on it but it amounts to:
Coins don't replenish.
Spend 1 Coin: +1 Power for that activation." (I might want to make it "for 1 attack")
Spend 1 Coin: -1 Skill for that activation." (I might want to make it "for 1 attack")
Spend 1 Coin: Reroll 1 die.
Spend 3 Coin: Receive 1 extra action (overpowered?)

Feel free to leave comments or opinions.

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