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FUNDED! 48 Hours to Go!

Headhunter has Funded! and is sitting at 107%. We have now entered the final 48 hours! If you are interested in getting in on the action, now is the time :)

Thank you all for helping and supporting us!




Don't forget, you only have 48 hours to enter the Headhunter giveaway too!



How many games are you going to make knowing you have 30+ backers??? Is this a "The Game Crafter" (TGC) Production? If "Yes", I would produce 100 units. You've got about 1/3 sold and probably all of the money to pay for 100 units from the profit from each game sold... ($1,600 USD)

That could allow you to sell on Amazon (but be careful during the Holiday Season apparently warehouse costs are exorbitant) and from your own "Legends of Ravenhall" website too.

Other options is to visit a FLGS (Friendly Local Game Store) and see if you can unload 10 copies of the game at each one. Sell them "on consignment" if you want to ... Basically ask them to put it on their store shelf and see if the game sells. Since you've paid off the game (100 units), you can see if you can sell it less expensive: 50/50 so maybe $12.50 each for a total price of $25 (per game sold). I know you make LESS if you sell at a store but you get more VISIBILITY. Visibility means that maybe you can have a demo day (on a Sunday afternoon for example). People can play the game and if they like it, maybe give them $5.00 OFF the price so it's $20 ($10 each)... IDK. Just some ideas to unload a small stock of 100 or so units.

The reason I said 100 is because TGC gives you the BEST price break at that price. So ordering 100 units + shipping is a good (and probably most optimal way) to sell some units around your community.

Just sharing my own thoughts on the matter. See what you feel is most appropriate, I'm just expressing one view. There are plenty of others and maybe other Designers want to chime in with OTHER suggestions/planning.


Just one view

Hey quest, thanks for sharing! We are actually not producing the game at TGC, so most of your points here are mute. We will be producing a few custom reward items there though, to be sent to backers while they wait for production to complete. Anyways, we should indeed look into the FLGSs and also a demo day. These are great ideas :)


How many games are you making?

I hope not 1,000. If you had sold made 250-350 units then I would have said maybe 1,000 units is reasonable. If you are not using TGC, well I would say that maybe 500 units should be your production cap. That's the smallest production overseas (in term of MOQ). I know price breaks are better at the 1,000+ unit levels ... but do you want to produce so MUCH?

Two KS and only 36 backers. You've got to find people for your game and normally a KS is the best way... Yes stores are a good idea and holding a weekly event or bi-weekly event (so you can go to two stores) might help too...

I'm just worried that 1,000 units would just make for so much STOCK TO MOVE!

Anyhow, it's not my game... So you guys figure out what works best.

I personally know my NEXT game will be made on TGC because I don't have to want to worry about overseas production, freight, US Tariffs, warehousing, etc. All that non-game related stuff is a non-issue with TGC. Yeah the price may be higher... But the game is "Made in the USA!" And that will be a part of my pitch too!

Wish you guys all the best and hope you don't get too bogged down with too much inventory and too few sales...

How many games?

Hey quest,

Thanks for the question! We are probably going for 1,000 due to the price and moq, but could consider less. We would love to print in the US, but financially its not feasible. The gamecrafter is definitely out of the question. A game with equivelant components for us would be very expensive per unit there. For example, 200 or 225 games of ours on TGC would be the total price for 1,000 units overseas. Anyways, other US manufacturing is also expensive, costing about 3x as much. It is very sad to us, but its a reality. We are still exploring other options, but so far it looks to be leaning that way.

Regarding sales, yes our KS didn't produce many sales. Ironically, our first KS and second KS had different backers. Either way, we have many non KS people that are interested in sales that didn't understand or didn't want to use the KS system. Stores etc. Should be an avenue to explore as well, sure, but we are also looking into certain populations that would require physical sales to be made instead of online or KS. It is an experiment for sure, but not totally unfounded.

We will continue to try to find a reasonable and responsible alternative to overseas printing, but there isn't any bulk options that really fit the bill right now.


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