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I just finished up working with Dan the Game Boy Geek. He did 2 video's for me. Let me know if you guys like Dan's style. Dan was great to work with, and I would recommend him to anyone. If you may be doing something like this for your game, or are interested in what it cost feel free to PM me and I'll give you the details. Let me know what you think about the videos!!


Good stuff!!!

It's really well done... Short and to the point. The only thing that I saw that I did NOT like was the "Journal". Looked a bit "weak" compared to the rest of the game. But that is something for each person to decide what, how they want to play the game (and what they want to write).

Overall I'd give the game a SOLID "8" (from this video).

Note #1: -1 for the poor "journal-ing" and -1 for the fact that is a "Roll & Move" type of game. But I think you've created something memorable families can enjoy.


Quest, that's a good point on the Journal. I thought of the same myself, but I felt like it was more authentic to let Dan make his own entry. I was hoping for a real tear jerker but..... At least I can say I didn't tell him what to write.

hahahahah What I love most is that if this Roll and Move ends up on store shelves then I'll have sparked the revival of the infamous Roll & Move, and have proved my point that many in the Board Game industry have been neglecting a Massive market of people who just can't bring themselves to play an RPG, Euro game, or CCG!!

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