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The Game Crafter 10 Year Anniversary Celebration!

The Game Crafter - 10 Year Anniversary Celebration! (We're giving away over $10,000 in TGC gift certificates!)

This month The Game Crafter turns 10 years old. For 10 years we’ve been building games and improving our services. For 10 years you’ve supported us and directed us along the way. We couldn’t have made 10 years without your love, your support, your promotion, your games, and you!

We’re gonna celebrate and we want to bring you along for the ride. We’re going to do this in 2 ways:

First, our very own JT Smith will be at Protospiel Michigan later this month, and he’s bringing cake! Come enjoy some birthday cake with JT at Protospiel. And while you’re at it, make him play your games!

Second, every single order placed during the month of July is going to get a gift certificate packed inside it. These certificates will have a value between $1 and $99. When you get yours, visit to use the code to add the money to your account. And because it’s year 10 for us, we’ll be giving away more than $10,000 in gift certificates over the month of July! In addition to the certificate, every order will have a special surprise inside.

PS. Don’t worry, if your order is in the queue and hasn’t shipped you will get the birthday present, even if you didn’t technically order in July!


Congratulations on 10 years!!

Congratulations on 10 years!! We love using your services and will eagerly order something this month!

Congratulations on proving everyone WRONG!

I remember JT saying that when he was pitching the idea... nobody believed that it would "STICK"... And look at you guys NOW! The Laboratory to offer even greater customization, the Concierge to help people configure their games on TGC, all the extra bits and pieces, so many options too!

I, personally, will continue to advocate "The Game Crafter" to NEW designers especially those looking to make prototypes and bring them along to different venues like GenCon, Protospiel, and co. The service is great, reasonable and pretty easy to use.

Believe me, I've tried OTHER services. And let me tell you, TGC is the easiest to use by far. The fact that just "Templates" are available to do a direct download and then respect the bleeds, safe zones, etc. It's pretty straight-forward. Uploading and proofing is just as easy too!

So keep up the great work. You guys deserve a Medal too!

Thanks for the kind words,

Thanks for the kind words, MAR/questccg!

We greatly appreciate the support of our community and they have been instrumental in our growth and success. We look forward to the next 10 years! :)

Definitely easy to use. I

Definitely easy to use. I just ordered a batch of custom punchouts, so I’m looking forward to my present ;)

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