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The Game Crafter's new custom printable product helps game designers make more portable and cost efficient board games

The Game Crafter - New custom printed product at The Game Crafter!

We’ve been on a real hot streak lately for releasing new products and we wanted to share one of our coolest new creations with you! While it may seem like a basic product, we think it solves a huge problem and has tremendous utility.

Watch our 1-minute product video at



Haha that's great ;)

I realize this is a joke, but

I realize this is a joke, but there's a solid idea in there. A dungeon that rolls out like that could make for an interesting game.

Glad you liked it!

Thanks Jonathan. :)

yep, we've been hearing that

There are several comments in the Youtube comments for that video and quite a few have already agreed with your statement. Funny how a silly little joke can inspire some new ideas. (and I guess a few people have already been toying with the idea... although I'm assuming not with toilet paper!) We were trying to make people laugh but we'll take inspiration as well. ;)


Over the years, many companies have presented these great April Fool's items...great job!


Thanks! Glad everyone is enjoying it. :)

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