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Gods & Minions 2nd Tribe Announced

Gods & Minions Faylon - the Wild Elf Teaser

Hello loyal readers of my small dev-blog regarding Gods & Minions - the card based dark fantasy wargame.
I am happy to announce the 2nd tribe you will find in the core set of Gods & Minions: Faylon - the wild elves. The first bunch of Minion cards are ready, please take a look at the attached teaser image or follow us at:

My artists, co-designer, playtesters and myself are currently putting enormous amounts of time into designing, testing and polishing this project. Please dont perceive this blogpost as a shameless plug (well it is actually) - we are a group of individuals (from europe) trying to draw a bit more attention to our project. Gods & Minions is self-funded and self-published, made by gamers - for gamers.

* This is a wargame, not a CCG
* It does not feature a random booster scheme or lousy super-rare cards
* Build your army from cards, like you do with a miniature game
* Dive into a background world full of history and folklore
* Beautiful, Artistically appealing artworks (not trash art) hand painted by a pro-artist (check it our facebook page, its full of adoreable artworks already) (and yes, the art is quite costly too...)

thanks you. This was Tobias for the Gods & Minions project

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